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Calm the Brain: What is BrainBehaviorReset™?

With chronic stress being the norm for kids and families today, we look for ways to calm down our busy brain; some healthy, some unhealthy. However, for most, it is easy for stress to creep up and for a person to get “stuck” in behavioral patterns that don’t serve them. Getting easily upset, emotional eating,…

teen with stress

11 Ways Stress Affects a Child’s Brain

Children and teens today face a lot of stress. The stress they face at school and socially has only been compounded by the chronic stress from social isolation and the disjointed learning they experienced during the pandemic.  As much as we have accepted stress as a part of our daily life, chronic stress does impact…

parent-meditation- with child

The Benefits of Breathwork and Meditation for Kids

Oftentimes, people assume there is only one kind of meditation that involves sitting and being quiet, humming “Ohm.” As a result of their Preformed notions, Most think meditation isn’t for them.  Silent meditation can be challenging because people often struggle with quieting the brain and body, especially children. Although quiet meditation is one of the…


Top Podcasts for Natural Solutions for Stress

Here are Dr. Roseann’s Top 6 Podcasts for Natural Solutions for Stress Even though we’ve always lived in a stressful world, the pandemic has certainly increased stress for most Americans. Finding natural solutions for stress should be a priority for all adults and kids in an effort to become more resilient.  On the SalesPOP Podcast,…

essential oils - Dr. Roseann

Best Essential Oils for Mental Health

Essential oils are an easy and effective way to calm the brain and body. Kids enjoy them and it can be part of a family’s wellness routine. Fragrance has long been known to have an effect on one’s cognition, mood, and social behavior. The use of aromatherapy to support mental health has increased during the…

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