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13 Inspirational Parenting Quotes for Hard Times

13 Inspirational Parenting Quotes for Hard Times

It’s not easy to be a parent. So if you’re a first-time parent, you’ll certainly need all the help you can get. While there will always be very challenging days, these are not an excuse to be a bad parent. But don’t worry. Sometimes, you need just a little inspiration to get you by and…

Toxic Parenting What are the Signs of a Toxic Parent

Toxic Parenting: What are the Signs of a Toxic Parent?

Being a parent can be very hard, but that’s not an excuse to practice toxic parenting. Toxic parenting is detrimental to the child as it can tear them down and cause pain.  Living with toxic parents is a daily struggle for kids because they can do little to improve their situation. This type of relationship…

How Helicopter Parenting Can Ruin Your Child

A child is every parent’s bundle of joy, and they have the natural instincts to protect them. Children are seen as fragile and innocent, and it is natural for parents to want them to be healthy, happy, and successful. And sometimes, we can fall into the overparenting trap. Hey, we have all been there!  With…

Parenting Styles and Their Effect on Kid’s Mental Health

As parents, one of our many responsibilities is to guide our children so that they grow up as independent and self-sufficient individuals. However, there is no cookie-cutter process when it comes to raising kids. As each child is unique, the same parenting style may not work for everyone. Furthermore, each parent has his or her…

10 Sure-Fire Signs That You Are a Helicopter Parent

You know if you are a helicopter parent if you are always keeping a close eye on your children, like if you run when they skin their knees even though they aren’t crying. You call the teacher when your child gets a “C” on their test because you just can’t believe your kid did so…

Student getting on a school bus

Strategies to Address Student School Refusal

This is a 3-Part Series on School Refusal What to do When Your Child Refuses to go to School How Neurofeedback Helps School Refusal Behaviors and Underlying Root Issues When a student refuses to go to school for extended periods, there is a tremendous amount of stress on the student, their family and school personnel…

What to do When Your Child Refuses to Go to School

What to do When Your Child Refuses to Go to School

What is a School Refusal?  This is a 3- Part Series on School Refusal Strategies on School Refusal How Neurofeedback Helps School Refusal Behaviors and Underlying Root Issues School refusal behavior refers to the avoidance of a child or teen to attend school and/or persistent difficulty staying in the classroom throughout the school day (Inglés…

Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge -

Calm the Brain: What is BrainBehaviorReset™?

With chronic stress being the norm for kids and families today, we look for ways to calm down our busy brain; some healthy, some unhealthy. However, for most, it is easy for stress to creep up and for a person to get “stuck” in behavioral patterns that don’t serve them. Getting easily upset, emotional eating,…

parent-meditation- with child

The Benefits of Breathwork and Meditation for Kids

Oftentimes, people assume there is only one kind of meditation that involves sitting and being quiet, humming “Ohm.” As a result of their Preformed notions, Most think meditation isn’t for them.  Silent meditation can be challenging because people often struggle with quieting the brain and body, especially children. Although quiet meditation is one of the…

young girl with social anxiety

Is My Child Shy or Is It Social Anxiety?

Parents worry whether their child’s shyness is just part of their personality later allowing them to navigate the world more as a happy viewer or whether the problem lies in their anxiety. Social anxiety causes many children social development problems that can lead to issues with school as well as friends.

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