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Concussion Basics: A Parent’s Guide

In person in our Ridgefield, CT center and virtually with at-home neurofeedback and coaching, we support individuals with a concussion diagnosis and post-concussion symptoms every day.  Commonly, individuals can suffer long-term for months or even years from a single concussion or multiple ones. Parents often come to as a last resort to help restore their …

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Brainwave Training For Better Health

Brainwave Training For Better Health

People often assume that energy medicine therapies are hard to quantify, but some can be measured and proven scientifically. PEMF, biofeedback and neurofeedback are quantifiable scientific therapies backed by brainwave training research. These are still viewed as unconventional, however, because instead of depending on chemistry, brainwave training is a therapy that focuses on energy or physics to heal.

Mother and Daughter - PANS/PANDAS cases

Holistic Health Remedies for PANS/PANDAS

Holistic remedies are often viewed as “woo” or “make believe.” In reality holistic remedies, referred to as “complementary alternative medicine” (CAMs) in the medical field, are supported by research which suggests they are effective. Understanding the value of holistic remedies and how to use them can help people with chronic conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis to ADHD.

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