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Failure to Launch

Autism and Failure to Launch

“We were good parents, and now we’re supposed to be done!” When couples plan their families, they imagine raising little girls and boys into successful individuals. At one point, they’ll move out of their parent’s roof, visit over the holidays, and the couple is free to travel, embrace their old hobbies, and grow old together.…

Failure to Launch Young Adult

What To Do With a Failure to Launch Child

How to support your young adult child with failure to launch syndrome (FLS) is a challenge for many parents. There are many reasons why some teens and young adults fail to launch but ultimately mental health issues are part of the struggle. Here are Dr. Roseann’s best parent strategies for dealing with a failure to launch adult child.

Failure to Launch Teenager

What is Failure to Launch Syndrome?

The Surge of Failure to Launch Syndrome Twenty-four million of those aged 18 to 34, lived under their parents’ roof in 2015, according to the US Census. That’s a third of young people!  There has been a definitive cultural shift resulting in more young adults living with their parents. Fear of failure in American teens…

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