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Magnesium Reduces Hyperactivity and Impulsivity In Kids

Magnesium Reduces Hyperactivity and Impulsivity In Kids

Magnesium is an essential nutrient involved in many functions within the central nervous system, including cellular transmission and intracellular signal transduction. Magnesium is needed for proper brain functioning. The literature is clear that there is a relationship between the levels of magnesium and the presence of psychiatric pathology in several areas including anxiety, depression, OCD…

Magnesium and Mental Health (1)

Magnesium and Mental Health

Magnesium is increasingly used as a treatment for many clinical health issues. Research supports symptom reduction in several clinical issues including, ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, and schizophrenia.  Whenever parents ask me which supplement they regret not taking sooner, hands-down magnesium is the clear winner. And why? Magnesium is a supplement that has many noticeable benefits…

Best Supplements to Improve Motivation in Children

Best Supplements to Improve Motivation in Children

Motivation is the cognitive, biological, emotional, and social force that drives people to action. The source of motivation may be intrinsic, where motivation comes from within the person; or extrinsic, where it comes from outside sources. Motivation is a good thing regardless of where it comes from. However, the lack of it is a health…

8 Essential Nutrients You are Not Getting Enough

We are all rushing around these days, particularly as we transition from Summer to Fall, and that probably means you aren’t getting as many sit-down meals and may even just be grabbing bagels or chips on the fly. Trust me. You aren’t alone! The problem is that you’re probably missing some essential nutrients affecting your…

7 Integrative Wellness Treatments for PTSD

It improves detoxification and reduces inflammation. In the coming-of-age film “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” young Charlie fell into a depression, causing him to isolate and only interact with his family for company for a long-time. Alongside depression, Charlie was revealed to be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. He experienced debilitating sadness and intrusive thoughts and…

Natural Supplements for Anxious Teens

The teenage years are scary enough without experiencing anxiety too. There is so much growth in so little time and so much academic pressure today. Sometimes, your kid is not just ready for all they have on their plate. Some young children mature faster than others, resulting in confusion for parents in terms of how…

8 Easy Ways to Beat Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and intense fear that impacts your thinking and how your body feels. Intense worry can hijack your thinking and one can get stuck in a looping thought pattern. In everyday life, some things are bound to make us nervous and uncomfortable such as taking a major exam and a…

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16 Essential Oils for Attention

We often think of essential oils as a way to calm the nervous system to relax us or help us sleep but they can also help you wake up the brain. Herbs have been used in teas, tinctures and oils for centuries to increase alertness and focus. Research shows us that essential oils such as…

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