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Autism vs. SPD How are they Related

Autism vs. SPD: How are they Related?

Many parents of children with neurological conditions confuse SPD or Sensory Processing Disorder with ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder because of their connections and similarities. While these two may seem similar, they are comorbid disorders, meaning they often occur together.  Children with SPD may eventually develop autism later on in life, which is why early…

What You Need Right Now Is A Good Cry

““Crying is a signal to take a moment and process or deal with stressors, uncomfortable emotions, or body sensations,” she explains. “Taking the time to cry and work through these uncomfortable feelings is not only a positive action that doesn’t let emotions and stressors pile up, it can also be quite healing.””

Young child - sensory processing disorder

Therapies for Sensory Processing Disorders

SPD means that your child’s brain has a hard time taking in and responding to sensory based information. Previously called a sensory integration dysfunction, it is not considered a distinct medical diagnosis which can be difficult for parents. Children with SPD can have developmental difficulties, such as speech delays, because their sensory conditions impact their ability to focus. However, parents should keep in mind these deficits can often be overcome with the proper treatment.

Crying child - handling a meltdown

Handling a Meltdown

Temper tantrums are unpleasant, disruptive behaviors or emotional outbursts that children exhibit when frustrated. Children have temper tantrums in response to unmet needs or desires or when they feel a lack of control. Hunger, exhaustion, discomfort, sensory needs, or wanting something they can’t have all trigger tantrums. The behaviors can range from whining and crying to screaming, kicking, hitting, being stubborn, resisting tasks or holding one’s breath. A tantrum can be a way for child to get a reaction or get what they want.

Kids With Family Christmas - Difficult Kids at the holidays

7 Strategies for Parenting Difficult Kids at the Holidays

Parenting difficult kids at the holidays comes with an added level of stress. No parent is perfect, and kids get rambunctious at the holidays. While all children get sensory overload at the holidays, the more sensitive or challenging kids can struggle even more.
That makes the most wonderful time of the year not so wonderful sometimes. Since most families can’t fly off to Jamaica to avoid holiday craziness, some simple tips and strategies can help you survive.

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