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Anxiety Coping Skills for Teens

Anxiety Coping Skills for Teens

Anxiety happens when you’re nervous, uneasy, or worried for an extended period of time. It’s normal to be anxious, and everyone feels that all the time. But if you are struggling in your day-to-day life or can no longer do anything because you’re always afraid, that’s anxiety and it’s not healthy. If it starts to…

SSRI Medication Side Effects in Children

SSRI Medication Side Effects in Children

When your child is struggling nothing is more important than finding the solutions to ease their worries. But when it comes to mental health care for children and teens, effective solutions seem few and far between. When a child’s attention, behavior or emotions are dysregulated, the focus should be on calming the brain. Without a…

Anxiety vs ADHD Which One Does My Child Have

Anxiety vs. ADHD: Which One Does My Child Have?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD may occur with other mental health disorders such as learning disorders, dyslexia, depression, and anxiety. However, when ADHD is combined with another mental health condition, children and teens face twice as much of a challenge.  When children face a dual diagnosis of ADHD and a clinical mental health condition,…

Sadness, Anxiety, Depression: What’s the Difference?

When we’re not feeling our best or upset by something, and we talk to a friend, we may want to express our feelings but struggle to find the right words. Beyond feelings of sadness, we may struggle with intrusive thoughts and somatic symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, and panic attacks that affect…

How Fasting Helps Anxiety and Depression

I recently sat down with Intermittent Fasting expert, Cynthia Thurlow, NP, who has a viral 10 million and counting viewed TEDx talk on the topic, to talk about fasting basics and how what you eat affects your mental health and more specifically anxiety and depression.  What is Intermittent Fasting?  When it comes to questions about…

woman hugging pet dog

21 Ways Pets Can Help With Depression and Anxiety

Pet owners experience many stress lowering benefits that improve health conditions as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety. Animals can offer emotional support to children and adults with the unconditional love, physical attention, and increased social interactions and engagement they offer.  So how do pets reduce stress and anxiety? Well, the simple act of…

7 Science-Backed Ways Gratitude Improves Mental Health

We all know gratefulness makes us feel good and makes others feel good too but there is actually a lot of science behind gratitude. The neuroscience of gratitude shows us that it improves how our brain works, which brings us feelings of wellness and has physical benefits too. Gratefulness improves anxiety and depression and from…

How Gratitude Helps Anxiety and Depression

For those that successfully overcome or manage anxiety and depression, they have found that making changes to their lifestyle is the key to mental and physical wellness. They learn that if they feel negative, frustrated, or just plain sad, they can intently turn it around through mindfulness and the practice of gratitude.  You may have…

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