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Conditions Tapping Therapy Treatment

Conditions Tapping Therapy Treats

Tapping Therapy, professionally referred to as EFT, is combines cognitive restructuring with tapping on meridians. This activity allows the brain and body to release stress through the process of regulating the central nervous system (CNS) and releasing negative thoughts and emotions.

Therapist - EFT Tapping Therapy

What is EFT Tapping Therapy?

Although most people refer to the non-clinical term “tapping,” therapists focus on the term “Emotional Freedom Technique” because the research and technique have a precise meaning. EFT is a tool used for physical, emotional and performance issues. EFT operates on the premise that no matter what part of your life needs improvement, unresolved issues are in the way. Any kind of emotional stress can impede the human body’s ability to heal itself.

Mother and Daughter - PANS/PANDAS cases

Holistic Health Remedies for PANS/PANDAS

Holistic remedies are often viewed as “woo” or “make believe.” In reality holistic remedies, referred to as “complementary alternative medicine” (CAMs) in the medical field, are supported by research which suggests they are effective. Understanding the value of holistic remedies and how to use them can help people with chronic conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis to ADHD.

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