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Are you ready to reduce and reverse focus issues, anxiety, and behavioral issues?We can help you get unstuck.

Forbes called Dr. Roseann, “The leader in children's mental health.”

Dr. Roseann is “Changing the way we view and treat children's mental health”™ and leads the way in integrative mental health, neurofeedback, and teaching parents that they can reduce and reverse mental health with PROVEN therapies.

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“Before we found Dr. Roseann, we spent six years trying every medication, therapy, and under the sun. Dr. Roseann gave us game-changing solutions that helped James go from unfocused and floundering in school to focused and productive in a matter of weeks.”

Parent of a teen with ADHD

Ways to Work With Dr. Roseann toFind Solutions

Proven Ways to Improve Your Child's Mental Health

It’s Gonna Be Ok!

Roseann Capanna-Hodge Ed.D.

If you’re a parent who has a child or teen who is struggling at home, school, or socially and whether or not you’ve already tried medications, therapies, and asked the school for help, then It’s Gonna Be Ok!™ is your must have resource that will show you how to reduce and reverse focus issues, worry, and behaviors with PROVEN holistic therapies that are safe, natural, and have research to support their efficacy.

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For 30 years, Dr. Ro has been showing parents the way to reduce and reverse mental health issues such as anxiety, ADHD, OCD, mood/behavior, PANS/PANDAS, Lyme and other issues with natural, safe and PROVEN therapies.

Are you sick and tired of only hearing what is wrong with your child or teen and never knowing what to do to help your child and family?

You've had too many sleepless nights wondering what the real issue is and what to do?

That is why you are here! We pride ourselves as being the last place families have to go to… we show you how to calm the brain to create happy families.

Dr. Roseann starts with actually “checking under the hood” with a QEEG Brain Map or Brain Check and shows you exactly what is happening. If you are ready for solutions that guide your child to success, then call us today to schedule your solution session with Dr. Roseann.

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ROSEANN CAPANNA-HODGE™ has a trademarked and PROVEN way to calm the brain and create happy families with her BrainBehaviorReset™ Method.   Dr. Roseann and her team work with clients from all over the world in-person and remotely to increase focus, calm, and success in school and home. 

Some of her trademarked programs include:

  • BrainBehaviorReset
  • 360° Reboot Intensive Therapies Program
  • The Get Unstuck Program
  • It's Gonna Be OK!
  • Teletherapy Toolkit
  • REPS Protocol
  • Resiliency Mindset
  • Stress hyperactivation of the nervous system™

“As parents of two children with PANS, we had tried a lot to help our boys who suffered not only from infections but from a long list of behavioral and emotional problems that made our family life pretty awful. While some treatments helped out one son, the other’s anxiety, rage, and OCD worsened. Medication and talk therapy did nothing for him and when his physician recommended neurofeedback, we were pretty skeptical. I mean we tried and spent a lot over the years. From the first meeting with Dr. Roseann we were astounded by her knowledge about PANS from both the treatment and parenting perspectives. Between her treatment recommendations, neurofeedback, and ERP therapy for OCD, we saw noticeable behavioral differences in less than two weeks!”

Dad of a boy with PANS and OCD

Learn how we help people Get Unstuck

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*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, LLC does not guarantee certain results.

“I knew my daughter was a worrier but didn't know how much her worry was derailing her physical and emotional health until we had a QEEG brain map. Ella was a great student who was a bit shy. Even as a young child, she didn't like the limelight or trying new things. Ella always asked a lot of questions and needed reassurance but she was well liked and did so well I'm school, that I was shocked to find out her increasing headaches and stomachaches as a teen were all related to her internalized stress and anxiety. After we couldn't find a source to her ailments,a friend suggested we meet with Dr. Roseann. Between the results from the QEEG brain map and the clinical intake, It was clear that Ella was spending a lot of time worrying and that worry was causing physical pain, focus problems, and anxiety. Once we calmed her nervous system down with some neurofeedback, Ella was about to get some benefit out of talk therapy. Until I saw her be so relaxed for the first time in her life, I really had no idea how much her anxiety held her back.”

Mom of an anxious child

Serving Individuals & families throughout CT, NY and remotely, at home all over the world

Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, LLC is proud to serve patients throughout CT, NY and remotely all over the world through her Ridgefield Office.

Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge is a Connecticut Certified School Psychologist, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Board Certified Neurofeedback Provider (BCN), with more than 20 years working with children, teens, young adults and parents.

Dr. Roseann provides professional Neurofeedback & Biofeedback, Counseling, therapy and coaching to help with several different conditions.

She is an expert in several areas including: Anxiety and Anxiety-Related Disorders, ADHD, Executive Functioning, Dyslexia and other Reading Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Lyme Disease, PANS/PANDAS, Concussion/Post-Concussion Syndrome and Parenting Coaching. Dr. Roseann serves on the boards of the Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society and Epidemic Answers, and is a Lyme Connection Task Force Professional Advisor.

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Experts in Neurofeedback Therapy

Our facility, serving Connecticut and New York, as well as people all over the world with at home neurofeedback and coaching, is a leader in QEEG-based neurofeedback, a non-invasive treatment that can help diagnose and aid neurological issues like ADHD, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue or Lyme.*

With the help of Neurofeedback, we are able to identify any abnormalities or illnesses patients experience by performing a QEEG (brain mapping). During this QEEG, we’ll collect data that reflects the cortical electrical activity in the brain, and from this data, we’ll be able to determine which brainwave patterns need improvement. Our Neurofeedback specialists will guide our patients in modifying brainwave activity to promote more appropriate patterns to help you shape brainwave activity into a more desirable, regulated performance.

The first step in identifying your current condition is to have an initial QEEG performed. If Neurofeedback is the right therapy for you, Dr. Roseann will create a personalized treatment plan to help you start living a better, healthier lifestyle.*

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