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7 Strategies to Improve Mood and Mindset

As a parent, there is so much you can do to improve your child’s mental health. Those small everyday moments that we tend to neglect contribute to who they become, including how they manage stress. Beyond physically nurturing them, we can foster a strong sense of courage, compassion, connection, and confidence in our kids. By…

15 Tips to Practice Gratitude For Better Mental Health

Gratitude doesn’t just happen… you have to mindfully add in little changes to cultivate it. Living your life with gratitude is something that we all strive toward.  By making small changes in our daily routine, we can add techniques such as gratitude practices that help calm the brain and reduce stress. Gratitude also has been…

7 Science-Backed Ways Gratitude Improves Mental Health

We all know gratefulness makes us feel good and makes others feel good too but there is actually a lot of science behind gratitude. The neuroscience of gratitude shows us that it improves how our brain works, which brings us feelings of wellness and has physical benefits too. Gratefulness improves anxiety and depression and from…

How Gratitude Helps Anxiety and Depression

For those that successfully overcome or manage anxiety and depression, they have found that making changes to their lifestyle is the key to mental and physical wellness. They learn that if they feel negative, frustrated, or just plain sad, they can intently turn it around through mindfulness and the practice of gratitude.  You may have…

The Effects of Screen Time on the Brain and Body

Today, children are bombarded with digital media and technology. No matter how we feel about it, technology is here to stay.​ They are exposed to different forms of media and technology, including smartphones, laptops and Chromebooks in school, TV, music, video games, apps, and so on. Technology is shaping the brains and experiences of a…

14 Tips for Healthy Media Usage

The Effects of Screen Time on the Brain and Body are significant and parents are trying to find ways to balance screen time with family time (or heck, their sanity!). Children and teens want to be on their devices all the time and we have become the device wardens. The good news is research demonstrates…

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