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Dr. Roseann’s Story

Founder of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health and
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About Me

There I was sitting in my office in Ridgefield, CT, tapping my pen on my desk wondering how I was going to help this boy that was so ADHD. If I looked away, Alec literally would be climbing the walls and contorting his body to the point that he looked like he was having a seizure. After getting in trouble practically every minute at school at age eight, his mother came to me out of desperation looking for a way to help her bright blued-eyed boy.

Even though I was personally holistic, my traditional training was psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, so I recommended a consult with a psychiatrist thinking that I was going to help this little cutie pie and his worried family. Because he was unfocused, couldn’t put his thoughts down on the page, and always on the red light on the behavioral chart, Alec began a course of treatment with several psychostimulants that resulted in the side effects of increased heart rate, caused him to be flat and not enjoy anything, made him cranky, reduced his eating for an already wiry kid, and there were many a sleepless night to boot.

His parents were beside themselves and in the early days of the internet, they found neurofeedback and were elated that there was something natural with decades of research behind it. Off they went and sought treatment and within a few months, Alec’s best features began to shine – not only was he focused but he was able to put his thoughts together, connect with others, and joyous laughter came for the first time because he wasn’t in trouble all the time. The impulsive, unfocused Alec was gone and I was a believer! Neurofeedback became my passion too and opened my eyes that healing happens with natural therapies that support the brain and body.

And ever since I got to meet Alec, my office has helped thousands of children and families. Today, we use evidence-based holistic therapies to cultivate happiness, hope, and change in children, individuals, and families. If you're a worried parent, and you want to see your child go from a stressed out mess to a happy and focused kid, call our office to speak with one of our client specialists or come to one of our free workshops.

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