Keynote Speaking And Corporate Wellness

Are you unsure on how to improve communication, address conflict, and create a culture that inspires and drives growth?

That is where the WELL-WORK Culture™ Program, that strategically enhances a company's growth through its commitment to employee wellness, enhances communication, trust, and inclusivity. By valuing mental health, it boosts engagement, retains talent, and cultivates effective leadership, driving organizational success through improved well-being.

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Keynote, training and consultation related to workplace wellness, mental health, and culture all designed to amplify your Return on Wellness™.

Professional Organizations

Training and continuing education professional development on brain and mental health, integrative mental health self-regulation and parenting.


Keynote speaking on mental health, neurodivergence, self-regulation, stress and burnout, brain health and communication.

Faith-Based Organizations

Keynote speaking and training on the power of faith in supporting mental health, neurodivergence and parenting.

Colleges and Universities

Keynote speaking on mental health, brain health and neurodivergence.

Our offerings include:

➡️ Parenting Neurodivergent Children: Challenges, Joys, and Everything in Between

➡️ Innovative Learning Strategies for Neurodivergent Students

➡️ Mental Wealth: Strategies for Fostering Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

➡️ The Future of Collaboration: Building High-Performing Remote Teams

➡️ Mental Health in the Workplace: Building a Culture of Well-Being

➡️ Breaking Barriers: Transforming Mental Health in the Workplace

➡️ Tools for the Mind: Practical Mental Health Strategies at Work

➡️ Team Mindset: Fostering Mental Health in Team Dynamics

➡️ Beyond Burnout: Pathways to Wellness and Productivity

➡️ From Routine to Remarkable: Transforming Workplace Engagement

➡️ Unlocking Potential: Mastering Executive Function Skills for Greater Productivity, Retention, and Job Satisfaction

➡️ The UNLOCK Advantage: Harnessing a Calm Brain for Peak Attention and Productivity

➡️ The Stress Solution: Transforming Pressure into Performance

➡️ Inclusive Brilliance: Strategies for Supporting Neurodiverse Employees

➡️ The Focused Mind: Enhancing Productivity through Mindfulness

Upcoming Speaking Events

Keynote Speaker: Homeschooling Special Needs Expo
IAJ Ministries, LLC. Charlotte, North Carolina, June 28-29, 2024

Docufilm: Wired Differently
Stone Village Television: Scott Steindorff, Director/Producer & Zhara Astra, Producer
Coming 2024

Speaker: Documenting Hope Conference,
Orlando, FL, November 15-17, 2024

Docufilm: Leaders with Purpose
Suzanne LeMignot, Director/Producer
Coming 2025

Tedx West Monroe Fall 2024

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