You may have heard of neurofeedback when you were looking for science-backed solutions for your struggling child but aren’t sure exactly what it is or how it works?

Neurofeedback is a safe and effective technology that calms the brain so a person can pay attention, learn, and regulate behavior.

We work with children, teens and adults from all over the world in-person in our CT Neurofeedback and psychotherapy center and remotely with at-home neurofeedback and coaching with our premier one-to-one BrainBehaviorReset™ Program that you can't find anywhere else. This is a comprehensive program filled with the best of science-backed solutions that Dr. Roseann has used during her 30 years and offers so much more neurofeedback alone.

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How Neurofeedback Can Help Your Child

Wondering how Neurofeedback can help you or your child? Then read to learn more about how we use our exclusive BrainBehaviorReset Method™ to go create solutions for struggling kids and families.

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Why Should You Have a QEEG Brain Map?

We need to “check under the hood” before we talk about solutions and a QEEG brain map and a brain check with Dr. Roseann simply gets you started on the right solution path

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What Conditions Neurofeedback Helps

There are tens of thousands studies and over 3,000 peer reviewed studies that demonstrate just how effective neurofeedback is with a variety of issues and conditions.

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How Neurofeedback Works?

So what is neurofeedback and how exactly may be a mystery but we break it down for you.

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Complete Guide to Neurofeedback

Want to learn more about the history of neurofeedback and what brainwaves are and why they are important?, then check out this comprehensive neurofeedback guide.

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What Does the Research Say About Neurofeedback?

Learn about just how effective neurofeedback is!

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What is Biofeedback and how can it help?

Learn how this simple, science-backed therapy reduces stress.

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What is PEMF and how can it help?

This combination of PEMF and biofeedback is a powerful way to calm the nervous system.

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Neurofeedback FAQ

Here are answers to the most common neurofeedback questions.

The Ultimate Guide to At Home Neurofeedback

Want neurofeedback in the comfort of your own home from the top children's mental health expert? Then read our at home neurofeedback guide to learn more!

Neurofeedback Blogs

Catch the latest about neurofeedback from Dr. Roseann's blogs.

Neurofeedback What It Is, What It Does, What You Need to Know

Neurofeedback: What It Is, What It Does, What You Need to Know

Neurofeedback is a promising alternative for parents seeking a non-invasive, drug-free approach to addressing their child's behavioral or emotional challenges. So how does neurofeedback work and help? Neurofeedback therapy can help children learn to regulate their brain activity, improve mood, reduce anxiety, and better focus and attention. It can be particularly helpful for children with

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Neurofeedback Primer: Teach Your Brain to Ride a Bicycle

Looking at how neurofeedback works means thinking about ways you’ve learned when you didn’t even realize you had absorbed the information.  Think back to being a kid and learning how to ride a bike. You didn’t do anything other than try to balance. Eventually, your body figured out what needed to be done to keep yourself upright.

Your brain can totally do the same thing. When looking at how neurofeedback works, it really is like teaching your brain how to ride a bicycle by using a simple process of reinforcing the subconscious brain to change itself.

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How to Heal a Dysregulated Nervous System

How to Heal a Dysregulated Nervous System

As parents of dysregulated children, you understand the unique challenges that come with supporting your little ones on their journey to emotional well-being. You've witnessed the impact of a dysregulated nervous system firsthand, and you know that it can affect not only your child's life but your family's as well. Your own nervous system plays

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We work with people at our Ridgefield, CT center in-person or virtually all over the world with our exclusive BrainBehaviorReset Method™ Contact us today to help your child or yourself RESET their attention, learning, or behavior.

The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition.
Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, LLC does not guarantee certain results. 


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