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13 Exercises to Improve Attention 1024 x 683

Get up and get moving! Exercise is a great way to improve your behavior, and mood and revitalize the mind and body. There are many science-backed reasons why exercise helps…

woman using computer | Dr. Roseann

The COVID-19 health emergency required therapists to move from their traditional in-person sessions to a telehealth model and it is here to stay. This rapid transition came with challenges, but…

Raising Successful Kids

I know you want your child to be successful. There is no kid who is unaffected by the pandemic even if you are the best parents in the world. We…

In a segment with Fox 7 Austin, titled, "Austin man jumps off Pennybacker Bridge: “I did it for followers”," Dr. Roseann discusses risky social media behavior and how some teens…

In a recent Article with HUM Nutrition titled, “Here's Why Toxic Positivity Can Do More Harm Than Good ” Dr. Roseann was featured and spoke on the topic of Toxic…


Dr.Roseann is featured in an article by HerCampus called, "Crying Can Be Good for You—Here's How to Embrace It in Your Healing Process" (more…)


Dr.Roseann is featured in an article by CNET called, "What to do when friends and family aren't taking COVID-19 seriously" (more…)


Talkspace features Dr.Roseann in an article called, "How Humor Can Help You Cope During the Pandemic" (more…)


Dr.Roseann was featured in an article about maternal and child health by Healthline called, "Children of Mothers with Depression More Likely to Develop Depression Themselves" (more…)

Dr.Roseann was featured in an article by Thrive Global called, "Covid-19 Toolkit: A Collection of Free Well-being Resources for Families" She is mentioned in a resource under blog. (more…)

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