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BrainBehaviorReset™ Program


Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to help your child? Are you unsure of how to help your child, yourself or your family? 

Dr. Roseann and her team are here to help in you in with the BrainBehaviorReset™ Program!

This is a comprehensive program filled with the best of science-backed solutions that Dr. Roseann has used during her 30 years and not just neurofeedback alone. We use neurofeedback to calm the brain as one part of our BrainBehaviorReset™ Program along with our innovative multi-pronged approach that you won’t find anywhere else. In this premier one-to-one program, we give you a customized plan personally designed by Dr. Roseann to calm the brain with tools such as neurofeedback, BRT/PEMF, biofeedback, dietary and lifestyle changes, and supplements. 

Once the brain is calm, it can pay attention, think and take action differently, which is why we always recommend additional psychotherapy, coaching, and parent work with our staff so that the behavioral components can be addressed at the individual and family level. Remember, no learning can occur without a calm brain and you and/or your child can’t show new behaviors without being shown something different! And that is what we do in our BrainBehaviorReset™ Program. 

Led by Dr. Roseann, you get the support of a whole team as we guide you to resetting the brain and behavior. We partner with you to help you, as you dedicate time and resources to your treatment plan and making those all important lifestyle changes is the key to resetting behavior and restoring wellness. 

We work with individuals in person or remotely, as well as do in-person intensives for clients who need a deeper level of support.

In our BrainBehaviorReset™ Program, you recieve:

  • Concierge level, custom tailored support –  counseling, coaching, and brain-based therapies, including QEEG Brain maps, Neurofeedback, biofeedback or PEMF
  • Expert guidance and attention from the top children's and integrative mental health expert ROSEANN CAPANNA-HODGE™ and her team
  • Psychoeducation and coaching around the issues and the solutions to them
  • Holistic lifestyle and health coaching
  • Brain-based tools and resources that calm the brain
  • Pre and post-program support from our team of professionals

“If you know about this program, don't hesitate. This program turned my son's and our family's lives around!”*

BrainBehaviorReset®Program is used for:

  • Really getting to the bottom of your or your child's issues
  • The neuroscience behind your symptoms
  • Getting tools and resources to calm the brain
  • Reducing clinical symptoms*
  • Improving attention, stress, and mood*
  • Improving family communication and understanding
  • Significant brain changes as measured by QEEGs (brain mappings) or brain checks and rating scales
  • A customized lifestyle and supplement plan specialized to address your needs
  • Psychoeducation and guidance on throughout the process
  • Whole team support lead by Dr. Roseann to guide you to calm the brain

Dr. Roseann has more than three decades of using only science-backed solutions and has done more than 10,000 brain maps and brain checks and helped thousands of families achieve a calm brain. That is why families fly into to see her from all over the world and country because they want the best care possible.

We pride ourselves on being the last place that our clients have to go to reset the brain and behavior and using proven tools, neuroscience and partnering with our clients with Dr. Roseann’s decades of experience is why we get results. * 

Please note because we work intensively with our clients, we can only accept a few clients at time, so each family can get the best possible care. If you are serious about creating change for your child, yourself, or your family, then apply to work with us. We carefully review each application and if you aren't ready, then we will guide you to resources.

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*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, LLC does not guarantee certain results.

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