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87: A 5-Pronged Approach to PANS/PANDAS Treatment?

We’ll focus on how to help our kids get out of this absolutely horrible disease state through a 5-pronged approach to PANS/PANDAS treatment.

Many people still consider PANS/PANDAS as treatment resistant but we’ve already discussed in our previous episode how these conditions are considered as such because most of these are misdiagnosed for another condition.

For today’s episode, we’ll focus on how to help our kids get out of this absolutely horrible disease state through a 5-pronged approach to PANS/PANDAS treatment.

Antimicrobial treatment and detoxification.

Most people focus on antimicrobial treatment and detoxification and this is not to say that it’s not important because they are. However, it’s important to first regulate the nervous system and that is equally important as actually addressing the infections and toxins. We have to get that nervous system out of a hyper stress-activated state because you can’t heal if you’re stuck in that state.

When it comes to antimicrobials, there are a variety of ways to treat bacterial infections, parasitic infections, and viral infections. In line with this, herbals have done wonders in treatments for various diseases. There are also different ways in treating tick-borne illnesses as they get so genetically evolved. What we did for my son, Max, is we blast it for a time and he would then do better because the ticks had come off.

You also want to make sure that the immune system is supported and not overactive and that requires a skilled practitioner since we always want to make sure that we are detoxifying when we are treating. If you’re not eliminating those toxins, it’s going to disrupt your system.

Behavioral therapy and psychotherapy are also some interventions commonly used in the treatment of PANS/PANDAS. While they have different areas of focus, both approaches may play vital roles in helping patients manage their symptoms and enhance their general well-being. Overall, five points that you must do are the following: actual antimicrobial and toxin treatment, immune treatment, calming the brain down, detoxification and then, behavioral and psychotherapy.

How does neurofeedback help the brain?

Infections love disrupting the brainwave functioning and this is where the QEEG brain map comes in handy. In our Brain Behavior Reset Program, we do a brain check or a QEEG where it shows us real and observable data to help us understand what’s really going on in the brain and identify which regions of the brain are overstimulated and under stimulated.

We’ve emphasized in our previous episodes that when the body is calm, it can function properly. And neurofeedback is one way that we do to teach the brain to actually get into a regulated state. Not only can neurofeedback help support and put you into a parasympathetic state, it can actually correct your brainwave dysfunction.

We also use an effective device called Calm PEMF alongside neurofeedback therapy. It addresses how to support the body in eliminating toxins and processing out infections. As mentioned in my previous episodes, I personally designed the protocol and it is FDA approved.

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