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86: Why is PANS/PANDAS treatment resistant?

I’m here to discuss why PANS/PANDAS seem to be so treatment resistant and what you need to do for your child to get better.

Parents often think they’re hopeless once their child is clinically diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS as they have this common notion in mind that PANS/PANDAS are treatment resistant. But in reality, they’re just missing the ingredient in healing PANS and PANDAS.

That’s why I’m here to discuss why PANS/PANDAS seem to be so treatment resistant and what you need to do for your child to get better.

What happens when you’re misdiagnosed.

We all know that when you have the right information and the right diagnosis, you can get the right treatment. And that’s the number one reason why PANS/PANDAS is usually treatment resistant. Unfortunately, there are cases wherein mental health conditions are misdiagnosed, which is why people get delayed onset of actual treatment.

We need to understand what we’re treating and we have to treat these conditions from a holistic point of view. That is why it’s also important for us to do QEEG brain maps. With the assessments, we’re able to have the right identification of infections and toxins for the treatment to be correct.

Genetic mutations and detoxification.

Some of the biggest barriers to healing are genetic mutations and detoxification. Insofar as genetic mutations are concerned, they can interfere with the body’s processing and elimination of toxins.

As for detoxification, the infections and toxins are equally disruptive in the brain and the body. And so, if there’s no detoxification, the waste products are going to filter back and it's going to be detrimental to the brain and body. However, detoxification isn't one that I see a lot of providers doing well. Regulating the nervous system is also vital in the healing process because if you don't calm the nervous system down, psychoimmunology tells us that the body cannot heal. This is so important for so many clinical conditions, which is why many people join our Brain Behavior Reset Program.

How to get help?

If you’re interested in working with someone who is experienced in this field, you can apply to be in our program. Many people from all over the world fly to work with me to start their healing journey with respect to their mental health conditions.

However, it must be noted that we don’t just accept everybody’s application; you must have a great attitude because it’s important for us to get along with our clients. You can check out this link to apply:

Two main ways that really help us regulate the nervous system and which many of my PANS/PANDAS clients enjoy are neurofeedback therapy and our Calm PEMF. For neurofeedback, we reinforce the brain to get into a regulated state. This greatly helps those dealing with PANS and PANDAS symptoms get out of their fight, flight or freeze state.

As for our device called Calm PEMF, which is as small as an iPhone, I specifically created protocols on this FDA-approved device that is for infections and toxins. It focuses on regulating the nervous system, immune system and sensory components on calming the body.

It improves detoxification and improves sleep quality by changing the way the cells communicate. In fact, many of my PANS/PANDAS teenage clients can be very treatment resistant but they’ve improved and just put their Calm PEMF device on when they're sleeping.

For more information on the increasing cases of PANS and PANDAS, you can read this blog post:

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