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What’s the #1 burning question about your child’s behavior that keeps you up at night?

59: The Most Important Supplement for Kids’ Brains

Besides doing treatments like psychotherapy, most kids and families use supplements, considering that some supplements have been studied and proven for their benefits in supporting good mental health, especially in kids.

Besides doing treatments like psychotherapy, most kids and families use supplements, considering that some supplements have been studied and proven for their benefits in supporting good mental health, especially in kids.

In line with this, we'll discuss the most essential supplement for kids' brains to support their brain health and boost their cognitive function.

Kids' brains are affected a lot in good and bad ways.

Many factors affect kids' brains both in good and bad ways. Nowadays, kids experience high-stress levels not just because of school but also their social life. Technology also has pros and cons, especially considering kids' mental health. 

Everything affects our kids' brains – lack of movement, lack of sleep, lack of nutrients, and the overall lifestyle. That's why we do neurofeedback or PMF to help improve the brain's ability to change or neuroplasticity. 

The reality is that kids and parents alike have a brain in overdrive. Many compounded stressors are bombarding them, so we must understand the nervous system and how it responds to stress. 

I've always talked about this in my other episodes. Our nervous system gets triggered when it experiences high levels of stress. It stops being in a relaxed parasympathetic state and activates our “fight, flight, or freeze” response to perceived threats or stressors. It will go back down if it's a normal and healthy stress system.

This response can lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure when activated. When dealing with compounded stressors, it's difficult to combat all these things without support. It is where lifestyle changes come in. We need to take action and make the changes we want to happen. 

What's the most important supplement for kids' brains?

Many supplements are available for your kids, and because there's a wide range of options in choosing the best and most important supplement to improve your kid's brain health, it's quite a debatable matter. 

But personally, my number one favorite is magnesium. So many parents tell me that they wish they had known about it sooner after seeing the positive effects of magnesium. It is such an amazing resource for the body. 

Magnesium greatly helps kids to pay attention to learning. It also calms down hormones to improve the mood. Overall, it's a special type of nutrient for the body. You can read more about how it helps the body and one's mental health in my blog ( 

When you're in fight, flight, or freeze, every single resource in the body leaves its duty to figure out what the stressor is.

We've mentioned that compound stressors trigger our nervous system, making us shift into a fight, flight, or freeze state. When you're in such a state, every single resource in the body leaves its duty and tries to figure out the stressor.

When we've activated our fight, flight or freeze response, our body shifts its priorities away from non-essential functions and toward more necessary functions for survival. And, like I always say, it's important to regulate your system to have a better stress response.

Magnesium is the workhorse of the brain.

I always recommend magnesium as a supplement as it helps in 300 chemical processes in the body. It's safe to say that magnesium is the workhorse of the brain, notwithstanding the importance of other vitamins or minerals like Vitamin D and Zinc. 

One of the good things about magnesium is its instantaneous effects on the system. I picked magnesium as my first option because I saw only a few in the market with everything I wanted. 

You will need two kinds if you or your kid are dealing with mental health issues and struggling with attention, worries, or intrusive thoughts. I'm supportive of natural things if it's working for you, but it's also important to have something science-backed.

So what we know is that both magnesium glycinate and magnesium L-threonate are supportive of brain functioning. In addition, these two have been clinically proven to help with anxiety, depression, and OCD.

As regards how much you need, every single one of us is different. 

However, the standard recommendation for infants is 30 micrograms, whereas kids ages 4 to 8 need about 130 micrograms. Those aged 14 to 18 need about 400 micrograms, while 40-year-olds need about 240.

It's important to always consult with your provider. We shouldn't solely rely on supplements, though. We have to have a healthy lifestyle and diet consisting of greens to get more of the nutrients that we need. 

What you can do for yourself for self-care

Always remember that self-care is a must. It is an integral part of maintaining overall health and well-being, as it benefits you and your kids. 

Self-care helps you be more prepared to care for your kids and deal with struggles and other matters. It can also relieve stress and boost your mood, improving your relationship with your kids. It's a great way to create a positive and healthy environment for your family. 

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