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91 : Summer Structure for the ADHD and LD Kid

Today, we’re going to talk about summer structure for kids with ADHD and learning disabilities.

Summer isn’t entirely all about vacations and diving into pools. For kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities (LD), the unstructured nature of summer can pose significant challenges affecting their learning progress.

And since summer is almost here, we’re going to talk about summer structure for kids with ADHD and learning disabilities.

The importance of structure and routine in school.

Our kids thrive in school, because they have a routine. And when we take that away, we’re going to have a little problem with them because they don’t know what to do outside that routine. When we don't have structure and routine, our kids are going to be more resistant.

Because they don’t know what to do without structure and routine, they act differently. However, we have to keep in mind that they’re not doing it on purpose; they’re struggling, especially with learning. The structure and routine help their brain to automatically understand what’s going to happen next.

Personally, I make it a point to provide my kids with structure to establish a routine. I organize a calendar and give them a daily checklist to make them understand. I like giving them options so as to give them control because that’s healthy for their mental health.

When we give them control, it does not mean that we’re giving in to our kids. Rather, we’re training them to be good decision makers and so, we empower them by giving them a bit of control. As a result, they feel safe and confident about themselves, reducing any negative behaviors.

The importance of learning in the summer.

I have a patient with one of the most severe dyslexic cases I’ve worked with. We’ve done many interventions for him to improve his learning since he has never gone to a public school before. We help him learn in the summer to continue to get him ahead.

The good news is that you can help provide a summer structure for learning for your ADHD or LD kid. There are now podcasts, free books and other resources available online that you can access. There are so many things you can do to prevent your kids from engaging in technology so much.

In fact, engaging in educational activities during the summer plays a crucial role in preventing the occurrence of a “summer slide” which is characterized by a decline in the kid’s academic skills and knowledge during the break. Consistency is the key to enable them to solidify their learnings.

Don’t ever neglect social skills.

Although we want our kids to be academically successful, it’s still important for us to prioritize enhancing their social skills. Academic achievements alone do not guarantee long-term success and fulfillment in life. Social skills are essential for building meaningful connections, fostering healthy relationships, and thriving in various social settings.

It’s also important to incorporate physical activities in your kid’s lifestyle. Incorporating physical activities into your child's routine also encourages social interaction and the development of important social skills.

Remember that when you stick to the routine and structure, it really pays off in the long run. Consistent engagement in physical activity and educational activities has been linked to higher levels of self-assurance, enhanced focus, and improved cognitive abilities, all of which play a critical role in achieving academic success.

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