Is it ADHD or something else?

90: QEEG Brain maps for ADHD, Learning Issues and Autism.

We’ll be discussing in this episode all about one of the most amazing tools I’ve had in my entire career which is the QEEG brain map.

Gone are the days when you don’t know what’s going on with your kid’s brain. Now that we have a diagnostic tool called QEEG brain map, we can safely and easily have a clear assessment of the different regions of the brain to help us understand the underlying causes of behavioral changes and other mental health symptoms.

We’ll be discussing in this episode all about one of the most amazing tools I’ve had in my entire career which is the QEEG brain map. 

What is a QEEG and how does it work?

Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) brain map is an effective tool that measures and analyzes electrical brain activity. It basically provides us with a good diagnostic report of areas in the brain which are under or over stimulated. We are also able to see how the brain communicates and its other activities that affect the behaviors of your child.

This is such a great tool considering that we don’t really get to talk about brain communication enough. And that’s an important aspect in understanding our kids with respect to their ADHD, learning issues, anxiety, depression, autism, or other conditions.

Nowadays, there are many people doing brain maps but they don't really have any experience or a good understanding of children's behaviors. Personally, I understand the connection between normal developmental behavior and the brain and so, it’s easy for me to assess a brain map.

Low activity in the brain doesn’t mean that you’re not smart.

Low activity in the brain doesn’t mean that you’re not smart. It simply means that you’re not correctly powering it up; maybe there’s a complete lack of focused brain waves.

And so when we work with our clients, we really make it a point to trace the root causes and provide solutions. Identifying the specific factors contributing to a person's symptoms allows for a more precise assessment, leading to appropriate treatment and support.

The hardest part of the process.

It's an easy process but the hardest part for most kids is the gel for conductivity as it can be sort of icky for them because it’s quite cold. What we do then is we warm up the kids by really preparing them beforehand.

A good clinical mental health provider who understands child behavior will take diagnostic information and make a care plan connecting the dots between your child’s brain and the behaviors they exhibit. He/she will collect thorough diagnostic information using different approaches such as clinical interviews, observing behavior, and conducting psychological assessments.

What do ADHD brains and autistic brains look like?

For autistic brain, there is hyper communication and too much agitation that’s going on in the limbic system. Those with autism may exhibit differences in connectivity patterns between brain regions. As such, this altered connectivity can affect information processing and integration across different brain areas.

Many kids I’ve worked with who have ADHD usually have a learning disability since they tend to have many issues with their learning pathways, brain communication, and information processing. ADHD can have an impact on different cognitive functions like attention, working memory, executive functions, and information processing, which can influence the way individuals learn.

However, it's crucial to understand that having ADHD does not automatically mean having a learning disability, and vice versa, having a learning disability does not imply having ADHD.

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