Is it ADHD or something else?

89: Hyperfocusing and ADHD

We’ll be tackling all about hype focusing and ADHD in today’s episode and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having an over focused brain.

When children with ADHD experience hyper focus, they can become deeply engrossed in a specific task or activity, causing them to lose awareness of their surroundings. They might not even respond to their name being called. 

This intense focus can result in a narrow focus of attention, leading to the neglect of some responsibilities, overlooking social cues, or failing to attend to their own self-care needs. That’s why we’ll be tackling all about hype focusing and ADHD in today’s episode and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having an over focused brain.

What is ADHD?

For kids with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), they are prone to experiencing various challenges and difficulties that can affect different aspects of their lives.

We do a QEEG brain map and statistical analysis for those who are in our Brain Behavior Reset Program for us to see the areas where there are many unfocused brainwaves. It's clear cut; you're able to see what else is going on – anxiety, OCD, and whatever else is going on. This is a great tool considering that hype focusing is a remarkable aspect of ADHD that often goes unnoticed.

Advantages and disadvantages of an over focused brain.

Back in my younger years, I was not entirely aware that I have the power of being so hype focused. I was bored out of my mind in high school sitting in class and reading books not related to school and I would finish them in a short amount of time. I also had a great experience in college and graduated early with a doctoral program.

And like two sides of a coin, there are advantages and disadvantages for having an over focused brain. It’s a given fact that having an over focused brain is a big advantage for those who need to stay focused for a long span of hours to get things done. For individuals with ADHD, this state of intense concentration and immersion in an activity can yield astonishing results; they learn a lot quicker and excel in the things they love.

However, because they’re over focused on one thing, they find it difficult transitioning to another task. They easily get lost in time when they need to accomplish something.

How to help kids with ADHD.

Generally, what most parents do is to put their kids who have hyper focusing skills in educational environments where they thrive. I have personally done that with my dyslexic child Max and now, he’s very self-regulated which is great evidence that I made the right choice for him.

It’s important to activate the brain. We have amazing tools like our Calm PEMF and neurofeedback that help stimulate the brain. I always teach kids about how to see the end result. And if you're good at asking kids to do something and they don't know what they're working towards, you're not gonna get anywhere.

If you're struggling with a kid, ask other family members to help and absolutely have open and honest conversations with your ADHD child about their gifts and weaknesses.

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