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What’s the #1 burning question about your child’s behavior that keeps you up at night?

15: How to Convince Your Spouse to do Holistic Treatments

For so long, mothers have been the CEOs of the medical, emotional, and even educational well-being of kids. But roles have changed over the years as the society and its norms and way of life continuously develop and become more progressive in different aspects.

For so long, mothers have been the CEOs of the medical, emotional, and even educational well-being of kids. But roles have changed over the years as the society and its norms and way of life continuously develop and become more progressive in different aspects.

Come to think about how women were wired and nurtured to be caregivers. During childhood, girls are given dolls, whereas boys are given balls and legos. So you see, even as young as that, girls are trained to be caregivers.

Kids need as much help and support as they can get from their parents. And so, you have to convince your spouse why and how to do holistic therapies like neurofeedback, psychotherapy, supplements, and many more that will be beneficial for your kids.

So let's dive in and talk about how to successfully do that!

I’m in a rabbit hole, and my kid is not getting better. 

We've all been in a rabbit hole where we feel that our kids are not getting any better. That’s a normal part of the process. Sometimes, it makes us nervous or scared, but that’s okay. Everything’s going to be okay.

What we first need to do is to educate our partners about what this therapy is. If you're considering neurofeedback, biofeedback, talk therapy, or whatever it may be, gather more information about it. Educate your spouse on how it works and the effects of the treatment you want to use for your kids.

It’s been said that guys usually use 50% fewer words in parenting than their wives or partners. Also, most men are pretty logical, so there’s a need to mix up logical and emotional reasoning when educating and convincing your spouse.

What can you give to a parent or spouse to educate them? 

Even as simple as sending videos, blog posts, and vlogs help in educating parents. You can also show them data to back up what you’re trying to convey to them.

9 out of 10 dads go to the clinic for consultation and then express their gratitude and appreciation for the concise and thorough explanation of how neurofeedback works and how effective it is in calming the brain.

It also helps to show them statistics about mental health. There are many blogs out there that you could get information from and then explain what the statistics of the efficacy of that treatment are. Neurofeedback is easy, and the good thing about it is that there are many research studies and peer reviews about it and its efficacy.

When you try searching for neurofeedback on Google, you’ll see good reviews. But you'll also get some complaints. The complaints are usually from people who didn’t follow through on the recommendations, or they could have gone to a provider who isn't great because, as we know, there are some lower-qualified providers.

You don’t need your pediatrician’s approval to do these treatments.

These treatments that we seek are generally safe and natural. You don't need your pediatrician's approval to do these sorts of things. You are the CEO, and it’s possible that you are more knowledgeable about integrative care than a standard physician considering that physicians don't often go this way unless they have their own pain points.

The cost of not taking the right road and watching your kids suffer cannot be calculated.

Though our society may have progressed, it is still patriarchal. Most of the time, mothers are home or working part-time while men make more money. In fact, the sad but usual case is that you can have a female and a male in the same role, yet the males are the ones who make significantly more money.

It’s no longer a surprise that it is the male spouse who is often in charge of the finances. So it is best that you need to lay out the costs for your own understanding.

Our kid’s mental health should never be compromised. Watching them go on the wrong path and suffer the consequences cannot be calculated. Be there for your kids and provide them with the help and support that they need.

You need to lay down the long-term costs of the treatment.

Holistic treatments, more often than not, cost a lot of money. And so it’s necessary for you to lay down the costs for the treatment. Assess how much it would cost to work with a nutritionist, consult with a mental health professional, or undergo the BrainBehaviorResetTM Program.

You also have to look at it as a long-term plan because change doesn’t happen overnight. Consistency is a must. So you also need to lay down the annual costs of psychotherapy, psychological medications, neuro-psych evaluations, and many more.

Some people prefer to spend thousands of their money on medications or neuro-psych evaluations instead of spending on neurofeedback therapy. It’s highly recommended that when you still have the money, use that money to invest in treatments like neurofeedback or occupational therapy for sensory issues or whatever it is that you prefer.

Nothing happens in life without good mental health.

We don’t want parents to feel guilty or shameful. We want you to be hopeful. And sometimes, you also need to just say, “This is important to me, and this is what I'm going to do.” You have to be committed to what you do.

You make an investment, and you stay committed to it. Change your mindset and think of these treatments as an investment rather than an expenditure because investing in physical and mental health is a must. This has to be a priority.

Nothing happens in life without good mental health. It doesn't matter what else you think you have in your life. What you primarily need is good mental health. I hope you make use of these tools and resources to have conversations with your partner, your spouse, or whoever is helping.

Remember to make this an investment in your child's current and future mental health. Stay tuned for more episodes!

No matter where you are in your journey, we have resources to help you!

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