Is it ADHD or something else?

113: Back to School Success for ADHD/LD Kids

Addressing challenges faced by kids with ADHD and LD is crucial for their academic and emotional growth. Proactive parenting, seeking help, and creating a supportive environment are key for success.

Most kids dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Learning Disabilities (LD) find it challenging to launch themselves successfully back into their school routine affecting their back to school success. Slowly introducing regular routines and schedules aids in easing their transition, enabling them to adapt at their preferred pace.

Let’s help you be more proactive than reactive to be able to help your kid no matter what their problem is, particularly in relation to being back to school.

The greatest failures of parents in middle school.

What I’ve observed from many cases I’ve encountered is that parents don’t seek help for their kids which is something that I think is their greatest failure. There are kids who go through different school levels and at the same time, dealing with many issues with regard to their mental health.

Since these kids don’t get help, they are left feeling terrible about themselves causing them to be stuck. They no longer want to engage with other kids because of their bad experiences and their condition.

These challenges may encompass various issues, including anxiety, depression, attention issues, or learning disabilities. Failure to address these challenges not only hinders the child's immediate academic and emotional growth but may also cast a long-lasting impact on their overall progress and even success.

When parents hesitate to ask for help, they unknowingly keep their kids from getting the important support and resources they need. It is of great importance to step in early and seek help from professionals and teachers to really understand and help with their child's mental health. This also helps in creating a caring environment that helps them succeed in school and emotionally.

Identifying the issue and regulating the brain.

Like what I’ve emphasized in my previous episodes, it’s a must to identify the main issues or the underlying causes contributing to the behavior of your kid. This will be beneficial particularly in getting the necessary support and interventions.

Regulating the brain is equally important. That is why we conduct neurofeedback for our patients alongside the use of Calm PEMF. There are also brain supplements that kids can use. I personally love brain supplements which is why we are launching our Neurotastic line soon – the first brand designed solely for mental health.

You can check out my book entitled ‘It’s Gonna Be Ok’ to improve your child’s mental health. If you want to be part of our community, you can join our Facebook group where we discuss all about natural parenting solutions for ADHD, EF, LD, Anxiety, OCD, Mood and PANS/PANDAS.

Putting structure into place.

When it comes to being proactive, it’s important for us as parents to put structure into place. We have to do something different to make sure we are prepared when we encounter various circumstances, especially concerning our kids.

Establish a routine that promotes their overall wellbeing and ensures that they are getting the right support. Don't just rely on the school because the school's job is to help them be better in academics and in matters related to school.

This involves implementing effective strategies and making conscious changes to our routines and approaches. It's about fostering a mindset that anticipates change and is receptive to adapting different parenting techniques.

Parents have the responsibility to provide other types of support to their kids. Even if you feel like you can’t afford getting help from mental health providers, there are a lot of places where there are services available. You can seek help from town social services and different community agencies.

These resources are often designed to cater to different circumstances and financial situations, making it possible for parents to access the help their children require without excessive financial strain. This way, parents can ensure that their children have access to the necessary tools and guidance for their mental and emotional well-being.

How to get support for ADHD/LD kids.

In case you need support or you’re being refused to be given support, you can check out Wright slaw which is a great comprehensive website that provides many resources about special education law, advocacies, interventions, and many other topics.

In ensuring back to school success for ADHD/LD kids, it is important that you establish healthy and open communication with the school through your kid’s teachers and other school members. Furthermore, this establishes a supportive environment that promotes the child's self-esteem, motivation, and engagement in their learning process.

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