Is it ADHD or something else?

171: Can You do Neurofeedback at Home?

Discover how neurofeedback offers safe self-regulation solutions, bringing hope and relief to families, with FAQs answered for home use.

Neurofeedback, a scientifically-backed tool offering natural, safe, and enduring self-regulation solutions, brings hope and relief to individuals and families. When individuals can self-regulate, they are more likely to engage with the neurofeedback process and facilitate positive changes in their brain activity.

I’m here to answer the frequently asked questions about neurofeedback, particularly as regards doing it at the comfort of our homes, to demystify neurofeedback to further understand what it is.

Neurofeedback and its effectiveness in self-regulation.

There are different forms of neurofeedback and they're all valid. However, for complex issues like high levels of dysregulation, I've found that EEG neurofeedback works best. I also incorporate PEMF therapy, which is FDA-regulated like our PEMF device, to ensure better results. It must be noted, however, that the quality of devices matters, especially in neurofeedback, where experience plays a significant role.

What I like about EEG neurofeedback is that it allows me to target specific areas of the brain, which is vital. At its core, neurofeedback teaches the brain to self-regulate, making it my go-to tool for managing dysregulation. It helps shift the brain from a stressed state to a calm state, enabling better attention, healing, and learning.

From my previous episodes, I’ve discussed how self-regulation is fundamental in learning and executive functioning. In relation to neurofeedback, it offers lasting change compared to medication. Research backs its efficacy and safety, with studies showing significant improvement, especially in conditions like ADHD.

It must also be noted that neurofeedback isn't a quick fix; it takes time and consistency. There's no magic wand in mental health, but neurofeedback offers a valuable tool for promoting wellness and stability. So the next time someone tells you or promises you instant results, that person’s just misleading you.

How does neurofeedback work?

People come to me at various stages of their PANS and PANDAS journey. As a mental health provider, I connect them with medical professionals while offering support around supplements. Others are in the midst of intense symptoms, opting for our intensive program to regulate their nervous system. Others have made strides but seek further improvement.

As we know, healing doesn't occur easily in a stressed state. Many with conditions like PANS, PANDAS, or Lyme disease struggle to heal due to chronic stress or trauma responses. Our program, trademarked for its unique approach, starts with a brain map or check to tailor the treatment. We offer consultations for remote clients and send equipment for at-home neurofeedback sessions.

With EEG neurofeedback, nothing enters your brain through the wires. It involves sensors attached to specific spots on your head, measuring brain activity. The process typically starts with a brain map or check, either remotely or in-person, followed by using home-based equipment for sessions.

The success of neurofeedback hinges not only on doing sessions but also on the expertise of the provider. Our program goes beyond neurofeedback, incorporating a six-month comprehensive approach tailored to individual needs.

In our sessions, we set up a protocol where the brain gets reinforced for producing healthy responses. This way, the brain learns to shift from a dysregulated to a regulated state over multiple sessions. Our program typically involves around 40 sessions or more because reinforcement is important to have a lasting change.

Effective solutions tailored to each client's needs.

Neurofeedback not only regulates brain waves but also increases neurotransmitter activity and can even change brain structure. We utilize a specific EEG-based program for our neurofeedback sessions, whether at home or in-center, all of which are FDA regulated. With 30 years of clinical experience, I offer quick and effective solutions tailored to each client's needs.

What’s great about our equipment is that it’s user-friendly, and the software has advanced significantly over the years. This is in line with our program as we aim to align parents' perspectives and instill trust while providing comprehensive support. In fact, it brought significant progress to my clients, even amid complex issues like PANS. By regulating their nervous systems, symptoms improved remarkably, showcasing neurofeedback's power to target specific brain functions. Research indicates sustained improvements over time with proper stress management and self-care.

Sessions typically last 20 to 30 minutes, suitable for ages 3 and up, with adjustments made for younger children. Side effects are minimal, with occasional worsening of symptoms linked to the quality of neurofeedback received. We consider making aggressive moves in treatment based on the individual's progress, but these decisions are made in consultation with the family.

While we provide coaching, psychotherapy is not included in our program; however, we offer additional options like ERP for OCD and parent coaching. We conduct educational consultations to review EEG brain maps and offer treatment plans for clients, ensuring the highest quality of care. Also, compliance is usually high, as neurofeedback is a comfortable process that works well with other holistic treatments. It is thus safe to say that our six-month Brain Behavior Reset program is designed to uphold these changes for long-term success.

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