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How does neurofeedback works

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive therapy proven to create calm, focus, and lasting relief for children and teens. 

If you’ve been scouring the internet, but you still aren’t exactly sure how Neurofeedback can help your child and family—you’ve come to the right place.

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Over 3,000 Peer-Reviewed Studies

Neurofeedback Therapy is a safe and drug-free alternative that has been supported by thousands of research studies over the past 50+ years. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics gave Neurofeedback a Level 1 effectiveness rating for the treatment of ADHD—the same rating given to medication.

Want to dive into what the research says? We compiled the TOP evidence-based studies on Neurofeedback so you don’t have to. Check out this Neurofeedback Masterclass to learn more.

A young boy using neurofeedback technology, wearing a red polka dot hat.

No Guesswork Diagnosis With QEEG or Brain Check 

We start with getting objective data using an in-person QEEG brain mapping (or virtual brain check for remote clients). 

This allows us to see the unique brain patterns, and understand which areas have too much or too little brainwave activity.

Dr. Roseann

Your Path to Calm and Relief: Care Plan From Dr. Roseann

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but using Neurofeedback alone is not enough. It’s not a “magic pill” that can fix everything (nothing is!).

Here at Dr. Roseann, we have a multi-pronged approach in mental wellness. We create a personalized care plan for each client—combining Neurofeedback with brain-based tools like supplements, PEMF, diet, and specialized therapies.

A woman and a boy utilizing neurofeedback while using a computer to explore their journey.

In-Person or Virtual Neurofeedback Sessions

So what exactly does Neurofeedback Therapy look like? It's powerfully simple! We attach safe sensors to your child's head while they watch movies.

As they watch, their brain waves are reinforced both visually and auditorily. This reinforcement trains the brain to produce healthy brain waves that lead to improved focus, better mood, and overall well-being.

A person using neurofeedback while writing on a piece of paper.

Data Collection: Before & After Brain Map Analysis

The number of sessions required will vary depending on the individual, but typically range from 20 to 100.

But don't worry – we're with you every step of the way! Before and after the program, we collect data from brain maps. This provides a comparative analysis and lets us track your child's progress in real-time.

What Conditions Neurofeedback Help

ADHD and Executive Functioning


PANS/PANDAS, Lyme and Tick-borne diseases

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Mood and Behavior Disorders

Family & Organization Mental Wellness

Brain Health

Dr. Roseann Capana-Hodge

Before and After: Neurofeedback QEEG Brain Map

A diagram illustrating various egg types featured in an ADHD case study.

QEEG Brain Map Comparison from QEEG #1 to #3 after 50 sessions of Neurofeedback,
5 sessions of PEMF/BRT and individual and family therapy in our BrainBehaviorReset™ Program.

The overactive brainwave activity of a 7-year-old girl with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) was significantly reduced by more than 55%.iba

Before and After Neurofeedback: QEEG Brain Map

A colorful OCD case study involving four distinct types of brains.

QEEG Brain Map Comparison from QEEG #1 to #3 after 34 sessions of Neurofeedback,
daily PEMF/BRT therapy and ERP psychotherapy in our BrainBehaviorReset™ Program.

A 19-year-old teen diagnosed with ADHD normalized his focused brain waves (Beta) and reducedreduce his unfocused brain waves (Delta). The frontal region of his brain, which reflected a previous head injury, was resolved.


What conditions is Neurofeedback good for? 

Mel Robbins Show: Impact of concussions on mental health and how Neurofeedback can help. 

About Dr. Roseann

Dr. Roseann is an Integrative Children’s Mental Health Expert and founder of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health.

She is a Connecticut Certified School Psychologist, Board Certified Neurofeedback Provider (BCN), and the podcast host of the “It’s Gonna be Ok!™ with Dr. Roseann”: The parenting resource for children's behavior and mental health.

For 30+ years, Dr. Roseann has helped thousands of children and families overcome the most challenging behavioral and mental health conditions through her BrainBehaviorReset™ program. She has done over 10,000 QEEG brain maps and is named by Forbes as, “The thought leader in children’s mental health.

A family posing for a photo in the woods.

As a mom of two special needs boys...

she understands what it’s like to see her children struggle.  Dr. Roseann takes great joy in empowering parents and helping families find calm, experience lasting relief, and lead happy lives.

What families say about Neurofeedback
and Dr. Roseann...


“The level of understanding Dr. Roseann had of my daughter based on seeing her brain map vs. me raising her for 9 years. We can talk about all the deep things”
– Kris


“I see focus, clarity, and calm…For the first time ever, my son surrounded himself with his favorite read-along books and he just read for 4 hours”
– Miranda

Client testimonial for a woman wearing a yellow star on a black background.

Neurofeedback along with the counseling has truly brought my sons anxiety to a manageable level

“I can not say enough good things about Roseann and her crew of amazing people. From the very first phone call to the office in absolute hysterics, Michele calmed me right down and helped me get through my tough situation. They have really done wonders for my son and my family.

Neurofeedback along with the counseling has truly brought my sons anxiety to a manageable level. I myself have been doing BRT and have gotten some incredible results and the relaxation tips that Kristie has been given me are truly remarkable. This is by far the best choice that I have made and the best part is my son doesn't need to be on medication which was my main goal!”

Debbie j's glowing 5-star Client Testimonial.
My family would not go anywhere else but Dr. Roseann for neurofeedback
“Neurofeedback can help you make an amazing shift in your life! Dr. Roseann is extremely knowledgeable and can help you work through issues or concerns with empathy and passion. And the staff at Dr. Roseann's office is a pleasure to work with as well! My family would not go anywhere else but Dr. Roseann for neurofeedback.”
Marla w logo showcasing outstanding client testimonials with five stars.

I recommend Roseann to anyone looking for a Psychoeducational evaluator, neurofeedback practitioner and therapy professional.

“Dr. Roseann is excellent at performing comprehensive evaluations. She is proficient and exact when diagnosing and advocating for her clients. Roseann's knowledge, expertise and professional network make her the best evaluator in CT. She works hard to make sure that her clients gain the knowledge necessary to receive appropriate therapy, education and services. I recommend Roseann to anyone looking for a Psychoeducational evaluator, neurofeedback practitioner and therapy professional.”

New to Neurofeedback? We’ve got you covered!

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