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Kat's Dyslexic Advantage: From Diagnosis to Distinction

Kat's Dyslexic Advantage: From Diagnosis to Distinction

Dyslexia isn’t entirely bad; it can also be advantageous. Listen to Kat’s inspiring journey and how she turned her weakness into her superpower.
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My PANS Journey

Even when it feels like the worst crisis ever, there is still hope. I’m sharing my personal experience with PANS and the things that I’ve learned and helped me in my journey.
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What to Say to a Teacher When They Tell You To Medicate Your Kid

Just because the teacher tells you to medicate your child, doesn’t mean you should. Find out exactly what happened to Gayle and how they avoided a potential disaster.
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How This Family Learned to Talk Back to OCD

One of the hardest things a mother could experience is seeing her child struggling and not knowing what to do. Discover the pivotal moment in Kris’s journey that helped her find clarity and confidence to help her child overcome mental health challenges.
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A woman participating in the Brain Behavior Reset Program.

Why You Shouldn't Medicate Your Child with ADHD

Big Pharma might come after me. But this is a reality that many parents need to hear… Psychiatric medication should never be the go-to solution . Especially for children's developing brain! Here are 5 reasons you shouldn't medicate your child with ADHD. (backed by science with evidence!)
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Nuerofeedback and PEMF for Concussion Recovery

Sometimes, the effects of head injuries and concussion don’t appear instantly. Listen to Ellyn’s inspiring journey of how her children overcame focus and attention problems through natural solutions.
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The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, LLC does not guarantee certain results.

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