Virtual Services

At Dr. Roseann, we know how important mental health is to you and your family and we are here to support you through confidential virtual neurofeedback and coaching services for individuals and families all over the world. 

You may feel overwhelmed, unsure, or maybe even panicked but we got you and most importantly you get to have Dr. Roseann's 30-years of experience in calming the brain. 

Now more than ever managing stress, anxiety, mood, and focus is important for yourself and your child. Our amazing team will guide you with our science-backed methods to creating that calm that has helped thousands to have a happy family. 

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No matter what the issue is, we partner with families and with our BrainBehaviorReset™ Program, we create a customized care plan that guides individuals and families to change. Our methods concentrate on calming the brain and pairing it with new learning during this optimal learning window that neurofeedback and PEMF creates. In our unique but grounded in what we know works from neuroscience one-to-one program, you receive premier care from Dr. Roseann and her team.

Virtual Counseling

• For Stress and Clinical Conditions
• Anxiety
• Depression and Mood

Parent Groups

• Depression and Mood
• Failure to Launch


In our BrainBehaviorReset TM Program, you get to work with Dr. Roseann no matter where you are in the world. We send clients neurofeedback equipment and we guide our clients to calm the brain.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Work with our Executive Functioning Specialists with our BrainBehaviorReset™ . Our program that you can’t find anywhere else focuses on changing how you alert and pairing it with new learning to create ACTION

Parent Coaching

We help parents manage all these behaviors and emotions that are coming up and build structure and routine to preserve your sanity.

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Virtual Therapy Mother and Child

Need help with Virtual Services for your child and family?

We’ve helped over 10,000+ children, teens, and young adults find relief, calm the brain, and lead healthy lives. If you’re worried that your current path is not getting to the bottom of the issues…all you need to do is fill out our solution matcher. We’ll let you know which of our solutions is right for your child and family.

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