Stamford, CT Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Treatment

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Dr. Roseann Capana-Hodge provides the people of Stamford, Connecticut with unique and non-invasive therapies. These therapies focus on Biofeedback and Neurofeedback methods to help all people obtain a healthier lifestyle. From children to youth to adults and entire families, Dr. Roseann offers safe therapeutic techniques to bring balance into your life.*

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback address and care for a great variety of illnesses and conditions. This includes ADD/ADHD, Lyme disease, migraines, PANS/PANDAS, and other chronic pains or discomforts. Whatever your condition may be, contact us today to schedule your treatment plans.

Our therapies and services focus on helping our Stamford patients receive optimal care while feeling comfortable. We use non-invasive techniques based on collected research to help you recover in the most suitable manner. Dr. Roseann directly interprets and analyzes all QEEG data, guaranteeing accurate results. You receive personal care and attention at our Ridgefield office. Our goal is to help the Stamford area have relief of pain. We are your promised partners in health.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a form of therapy that places focus on the study of brainwaves. By studying and understanding brainwaves, you are able to establish a new and desired change. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive form of therapy, providing a safe and effective alternative to potentially harmful methods. It places emphasis on learning to control cranial functions (neuro) and studying related information (feedback). By learning to self-regulate the brain, our Stamford patients can calm their nervous system and diminish symptoms of their condition.

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback places greater focus on the connection between the mind and body. This therapy emphasizes studying and analyzing certain bodily processes and learning to control their functions. Natural processes such as heart rate, breathing, and skin temperature can all be positively impacted with Biofeedback. This form of therapy involves measuring the body (bio) and gathering information (feedback) through the use of harmless sensors. As we collect more information, we are able to help your Stamford patients control their condition better. By measuring subtle changes that occur in the body, we can help reduce stress, relax muscles, and build your foundation for a balanced lifestyle.*

What is QEEG?

QEEG stands for quantitative electroencephalogram. This refers to a map of the brain and helps us better understand your specific condition. QEEGs track electrical patterns on the surface of the scalp to depict cortical activity. The collected EEG data is used as a reference database to compare with a standard of information. We perform a computer analysis of this data to compare and contrast different statistics. We look for corresponding symptoms of anxiety, depression, and related conditions. QEEGs are vital in helping our Stamford patients receive proper treatment and accurate schedules.*

Why Dr. Roseann for Neuro & Biofeedback?

The office of Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, Ed.D., LPC, BCN provides all people of Stamford, CT with professional care. Our therapies treat people with different conditions from various stages of life, including children, adolescents, adults, and families. With our expertly trained staff, we offer non-invasive treatments that avoid medicinal approaches, all within a non-judgmental environment. We strive to help you feel comfortable during treatments.

Dr. Roseann personally oversees the analysis of the QEEG data. Rather than outsourcing this data to additional test studies, she interprets it herself to provide you with precise data results. Once the information has been interpreted, Dr. Roseann then designs a treatment plan for your specific needs. Our treatment plans help the people of Stamford receive personalized care.

Common Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Questions:

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Neurofeedback works to help achieve better control of individual brainwave activity. Through the use of computers and analyzed data, we monitor specific brain functions and share this live feedback with our Stamford patients. This information begins the process for improving your condition. By learning to manage brainwaves and cranial functions, you can reduce certain activities or encourage desired activities. Rewards are provided to the brain to establish and produce a more desire pattern on brainwaves. A consistent pattern creates new electrical activity, leading to thoroughly repeated production. This allows for better control and self-regulation by the individual.

What Does the Neurofeedback Process Involve?

The Neurofeedback process starts by analyzing a brain map, or QEEG. The collected data is analyzed directly by Dr. Roseann, who will review the brain map and discuss relevant information with you. After QEEG analysis, a customized treatment plan is provided with personally designed regulations. Sessions can range from 20 times to 100 times, and even more if necessary.* Our Stamford patients visit the office on average two times per week. A normal Neurofeedback session involves cranial sensors and monitoring specific brainwaves.

How Do I Get Started with Neuro/BioFeedback?

To begin scheduling out sessions for Neuro or Biofeedback, contact us today to plan out your QEEG. This brain map allows us to create a schedule that helps you best obtain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We also offer information sessions on Neurofeedback. For more details on those sessions, click here.

How Do You Know Which Therapy I Need?

Dr. Roseann analyzes all of the QEEG data herself to help you receive the most suitable therapy and treatment method. We make sure all our results are accurate and provide you with a detailed plan for sessions and treatment.

How Do You Monitor Progress?

Progress is monitored in three primary ways:

  • Analyzing QEEG data on specific interval
  • Data and information gathered from each session
  • Monitoring symptoms to check progress.

Is the Therapy Supported by Research?

Our therapies are non-invasive, safe, and effective. Neurofeedback and Biofeedback help reduce pain and symptoms from a variety of conditions with supported data. Extensive studies have been performed in the past 40 years that support our methods. The American Academy of Pediatrics gave it a Level 1 effectiveness rating in 2013 for its impact on ADHD, which is the same level of effectiveness as medication.*

Stamford’s Trusted Experts for Biofeedback & Neurofeedback

With the office of Dr. Roseann, you will find incomparable service and top-quality care. Our therapies benefit children, youth, teens, adults, and entire families. Our therapeutic methods help our Stamford patients receive personalized treatments for their specific conditions. We proudly serve everyone in the Stamford area.

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge & Associates does not guarantee certain results.