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Advanced Bio – Regulation (BRT)

This combination of PEMF and biofeedback is a powerful way to calm the nervous system. PEMF therapy is used for anxiety, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, Lyme, ADHD and executive functioning, depression, as well as for stress and general wellness.

patient safely receiving low intensity electromagnetic signals

Bioregulation Therapy (BRT) is a unique approach to health and wellness that uses biofeedback and PEMF-based electromagnetic technology to help the body better self-regulate, adapt and heal naturally. It helps to align the body so the brain can work better and really helps with that bottoms up approach to calming the body first.*

Cellular energy and communication are critical to the body’s adaptation and self-regulation, which help to maintain overall health and wellness. PEMF is often used to improve brain and physical health.*

Every single cell in the body communicates via electromagnetic fields– at the overall rate of trillions of chemical reactions per second and in order to process these instantaneous exchanges and sustain optimum health, cellular communications must be fluid, precise and synchronized. In other words, if these critical communications are disrupted or blocked in any way, the body’s cells, tissues, and organs may be compromised, and negative symptoms follow.

There are many things in our everyday life that breakdown of the body’s cellular communication processes. How BRT helps the brain and body is that it amplifies the “healthy” harmonic frequencies, and sends them back to the cells.* Once the cells are working more optimally, the nervous system calms down, and disruptive frequencies are diminished.*

BRT promotes nervous system optimization and calming so a person's thoughts, attention, and motivation can be regulated enough for them to make behavioral changes.*

“BRT so quickly addressed my symptoms – pain, anxiety, sleep problems, and brain fog – I just couldn't believe it!”*

– From an adult client with Lyme Disease and anxiety

We have in office and at-home PEMF therapy. A BRT PEMF session simply requires a patient to sit in a comfy chair and relax during treatment. During BRT sessions, the device safely delivers very low-intensity electromagnetic signals. Through frequency and modulation, these signals create gentle electromagnetic field changes that facilitate improved cellular energy within the body.

Our PEMF mobile therapy device is a small, mobile device and isn't cumbersome like a big PEMF therapy mat, which provides effective relief for our clients with Lyme, PANS/PANDAS, OCD, ADHD/EF, anxiety and depression. Our PEMF therapy machine works to regulate the automatic nervous system and move a person from a hyper stress activated state to calm, regulated parasympathetic dominate state.  Parents and kids aren't immune from the effects of long-term chronic stress and it can affect one's attention, thinking, emotions, and behavior.

By supporting the body’s own adaptation and regulation activities, PEMF therapy benefits can help to accelerate healing, restore inner balance, and return the body to a natural state of wellness.*

Goals* of BRT:

  • accelerate healing
  • increase relaxation
  • help to balance energy
  • reduce stress and muscle tension
  • improve sleep quality
  • aid in circulation and blood oxygen level
  • improves digestion and the uptake of nutrients from the bloodstream to the cells
  • stimulate the immune system
  • help to dissipate allergies and hypersensitivities
  • support detoxification
  • help with muscle and joint aches
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve sports preparation, performance, and recovery
  • support efficient cell function and regeneration
  • reduce anxiety and calms the mind
  • help to decrease therapy resistance and break through physical and emotional blocks
  • create synergies with other allopathic and integrative modalities to improve results

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*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge & Associates does not guarantee certain results.

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