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An Organized Home With Kids Is A Major #Goal, But Are You Focusing Too Much On It? An Expert Explains

Dr. Roseann was featured on's article “An Organized Home With Kids Is A Major #Goal, But Are You Focusing Too Much On It? An Expert Explains“.

…”I reached out to Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge (Dr. Roseann), pediatric mental health expert and psychologist, and she tells Romper that the issue is more complex than you might think. She says that a parent's constant need to organize can be a detriment to the child, especially if the parent's expectations are unrealistic. “As a psychologist, I do see how this can result in some serious parent-child relationship issues.”

She cautions that parents understand what forms of organization and levels of tidiness are appropriate for children based on their developmental stage. Obviously a preschooler is going to have a hard time placing books back on the shelf in alphabetical order or keeping the caps of their glue sticks firmly closed after each use. These things are simply out of the realm of their ability.

“I had a patient that became furious with her 4-year-old who couldn’t change the sheets on his bed,” says Dr. Roseann. “The problem was that, developmentally, this isn’t something a 4-year-old can typically do and her demands went well beyond what was reasonably expected. This mom was a self-proclaimed ‘neat freak' and had some unrealistic expectations about what her child could and couldn’t do.” However, she was able to check in with Dr. Roseann and evaluate the weight of her own expectations versus the ability of her child, and come to a resolution that helped everyone…”

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