"This anxiety can be a first-time thing for people. In fact, that’s what I’m finding more – is that somebody was emotionally health and are really being struck down by this level of anxiety that’s preventing them from getting back into the world, and they are still isolating," said integrative psychologist Rosann Capanna-Hodge.

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Whether you are still quarantining or limiting your contact with others, you are spending a lot of time with your kids and your kids are complaining about being, “Bored”. You have become a school teacher, personal chef, exercise coach, and activities director! Ugh, who signed up for that?! Your child is used to structure and they may be struggling with boredom, so here are some fun ideas to break up the routine.

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"Minimizing children viewing acts of violence on television is always a good idea," said Roseann Capanna-Hodge, a pediatric mental health expert.

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Following the stress of our pandemic quarantine, talking to children about the nationwide protests and racism after the death of George Floyd, feels so overwhelming.…

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Dr. Roseann was featured in an article by The Week titled, "The week's best parenting advice: May 19, 2020". Here, Dr. Roseann talked on the effects of winning and losing can have on children and what you should do.

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Dr. Roseann was featured in an article by The Healthy titled, "12 Silent Signs of Adult ADHD You Might Be Ignoring". Here, Dr. Roseann spoke about the impact that ADHD can have on adults in their day to day activities.

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"Inner peace is about quieting that inner critic that nags you and makes you doubt or think badly about yourself"

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As we slowly re-enter the world some people are more than nervous, they are panicked. Everyone is worried or anxious to some degree about what lies ahead and if they might get sick, but sometimes that anxiety can get really big.  For some, their anxiety is so great that they don’t want to socialize or even be in public.

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"Developmentally, children can think only from their own perspectives and may get lost in their emotions."

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"The intentful practice of visualization is a powerful way to not only get clarity on your goals but to help manifest them."