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By Dr Roseann, In Anxiety, OCD

PEMF for Anxiety, OCD and Depression

Anxiety, OCD, depression and other clinical mental health issues are on the rise amongst children, teens, and adults. What is PEMF? PEMF is an acronym…

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By Dr Roseann, In PANS/PANDAS/Lyme & Ticks, Parenting

The Best Diet for Children with PANS and PANDAS

One of the top questions I get from parents of kids with PANDAS and PANS and those with Lyme Disease is, “What should my kid…

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By Dr Roseann, In PANS/PANDAS/Lyme & Ticks

What is the Difference Between PANDAS and PANS?

What is PANS, PANDAS and Autoimmune Encepathology? Is PANS and PANDAS the same thing? That is a question I hear just about everyday. Understanding what…

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By Dr Roseann, In Eating Disorder, PANS/PANDAS/Lyme & Ticks

PANS/PANDAS and Disordered Eating

When your child or teen struggles with disordered or restrictive eating, everyday life for child and parent is hard.  Disordered eating is often something that…

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By Dr Roseann, In Parenting, Stress

Calm the Brain: What is BrainBehaviorReset™?

With chronic stress being the norm for kids and families today, we look for ways to calm down our busy brain; some healthy, some unhealthy.…

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teen with stress
By Dr Roseann, In Stress

11 Ways Stress Affects a Child’s Brain

Children and teens today face a lot of stress. The stress they face at school and socially has only been compounded by the chronic stress…

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woman with pet dog
By Dr Roseann, In Anxiety

21 Ways Pets Can Help With Depression and Anxiety

Pet owners experience many stress lowering benefits that improve health conditions as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety. Animals can offer emotional support to…

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By Dr Roseann, In Mindfulness

15 Tips to Practice Gratitude For Better Mental Health

Gratitude doesn’t just happen… you have to mindfully add in little changes to cultivate it. Living your life with gratitude is something that we all…

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By Dr Roseann, In Anxiety, Mindfulness

7 Science-Backed Ways Gratitude Improves Mental Health

We all know gratefulness makes us feel good and makes others feel good too but there is actually a lot of science behind gratitude. The…

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By Dr Roseann, In Anxiety, Mindfulness

How Gratitude Helps Anxiety and Depression

For those that successfully overcome or manage anxiety and depression, they have found that making changes to their lifestyle is the key to mental and…

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