Boy Playing Basketball

Dr. Roseann was featured in an article by The Week titled, "The week's best parenting advice: May 19, 2020". Here, Dr. Roseann talked on the effects of winning and losing can have on children and what you should do.

Man looking sad

Dr. Roseann was featured in an article by The Healthy titled, "12 Silent Signs of Adult ADHD You Might Be Ignoring". Here, Dr. Roseann spoke about the impact that ADHD can have on adults in their day to day activities.

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"Inner peace is about quieting that inner critic that nags you and makes you doubt or think badly about yourself"

woman worried with re-entry panic syndrome

As we slowly re-enter the world some people are more than nervous, they are panicked. Everyone is worried or anxious to some degree about what lies ahead and if they might get sick, but sometimes that anxiety can get really big.  For some, their anxiety is so great that they don’t want to socialize or even be in public.

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"Developmentally, children can think only from their own perspectives and may get lost in their emotions."

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"The intentful practice of visualization is a powerful way to not only get clarity on your goals but to help manifest them."

Parent and child talking

"Kids get bombarded with a lot of information, and everything they may hear may not be accurate. It is especially important for parents to dialogue with their kids about the facts about coronavirus, so they don't believe inaccurate information, which can feed into their worries."

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"Progressive relaxation meditation involves a guided experience where you relax each part of your body, as well as calm the inner chatter that often feeds stress and worry and keeps us too stimulated for sleep."

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"Want a great activity to do with your kids that they'll have a reminder of every single day? ‘Give your child a brush and let them paint away!"

Child laying in bed covers his ears

"With the increase in generalized anxiety and disorders such as ADHD and autism, there has been a dramatic increase in children who experience sensory sensitivity."