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In today’s perpetually connected world where we are bombarded by constant input from various sources, stress and anxiety are more prevalent than ever before. As adults, multi-tasking is a common expectation, and we are pushed to go further faster in every aspect of our lives, endlessly comparing ourselves to others via a steady stream of social media. It should come as no surprise that nearly half of adults experience a mental illness during their lifetime and one in two children have a physical or mental health issue. 

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New research demonstrates what we already know… that SSRI medications don’t move the dial for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

It’s common in today’s world to see teens and adults vaping, which is an increasingly popular alternative to smoking. The latest craze has many forms, including e-cigarettes mimicking the reviled tobacco cigarettes, vape pens shaped much like classic fountain pens, and even advanced personal vaporizers which come in many forms, some resemble miniature flasks while others as shaped much like an over large thumb drive.

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Is It Stress or Anxiety?  Everyone experiences stress or anxiety at some point in their lives. You might be dealing with finances, a job interview, or moving. Your child may be facing a high-stakes test, the first day at a new school, or performing on stage. How can you tell the difference between stress and anxiety? Moreover, how do you know if your child needs help with dealing with anxiety? If they do, then what?

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What Does It Mean to Have a Child with Autism? Linda ’s intention was to run in and out of the mall to grab a pair of khakis for her oldest child’s choir concert, but her youngest, Alex, was transfixed, watching the elevator. Alex wouldn’t move. His hands were flapping, and he screeched with delight as he watched the glass elevator go up or down. Alex has autism, and every time Linda tried to pull him away, Alex threw himself to the ground. At 12, Alex was too big for Linda to nudge away physically, so the two were stuck at the elevator until the boy was ready to move. Passersby stared, but none offered to help; that didn’t matter, because he is resistant to strangers. This can be the life of a parent of a child with autism.

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You love your child. You choose their food, their school, their doctors and dentist carefully. You are intent on giving your child the best of everything. There’s no question that when you have the right information you make the best choices. When your child has ADHD, those choices get a lot tougher. Add to this the myriad of information that is suddenly being thrown at you. It can be overwhelming. From doctor recommendations to therapies to medications with said effects and names, you can barely pronounce. You want to help your child more than anything in the world but do they really need a ton of mind-altering chemicals dumped into their developing system? ADHD can be one of the toughest trials for parents.