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mom and son using computer - Dr. Roseann
By Dr Roseann, In PANS/PANDAS/Lyme & Ticks

Does My Child Have PANS/PANDAS?

You may have heard about PANS/PANDAS and might be wondering what exactly PANS/PANDAS is. You may speculate: “What are the signs and symptoms, and what…

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women trying essential oils
By Dr Roseann, In OCD, Supplements and Herbs

9 Essential Oils for OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a complex and misunderstood issue that is often missed by professionals. The hardest part of OCD is that the person or child…

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essential oils - Dr. Roseann
By Dr Roseann, In Supplements and Herbs

Best Essential Oils for Mental Health

Essential oils are an easy and effective way to calm the brain and body. Kids enjoy them and it can be part of a family’s…

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kids watching tablet - Dr. Roseann
By Dr Roseann, In Parenting, Screen Time Usage

10 Ways to Break from Screen Time Battles

If you are a parent like me, you are always looking for ways on how to limit screen time with your kids. You are asking…

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mom hugging daughter - Dr. Roseann
By Dr Roseann, In Anxiety

What are The Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety in Children?

Anxiety in children is different than anxiety in adults, and why is that? Well, kids show more behavioral symptoms than adults do because they just…

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girl crying - Dr. Roseann
By Dr Roseann, In Anxiety

How to Help My Child With Anxiety

If you are reading this, then you already suspect your child is stressed and maybe even clinically anxious. You’re worried about their worry.  What are…

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mom looking at phone and not child | Dr Roseann
By Dr Roseann, In Parenting

The Effects of Distracted Parenting

Is Parent Screen Time Hurting Kids? Yes, parent’s excessive screen time use is hurting their children because they are not just distracted but more importantly…

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ADHD graphic | Dr Roseann
By Dr Roseann, In ADHD

How to Help My Child With ADHD

When our children struggle with focus, that means that they can have trouble with listening, getting stuff done, and even getting along with others. Most…

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child learning at home with laptop remote | Dr. Roseann
By Dr Roseann, In Parenting

Creating an At Home Learning Schedule for Young Children

As we move from full virtual learning to hybrid learning that will likely still be part of the 2021-2022 school year, all parents need structure…

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mom with daughter
By Dr Roseann, In Parenting

Creating Shared Digital Calendars for Increased Brain Power

With so many children currently using educational technologies in some manner, parents may find it difficult to create schedules that reinforce routines. Children are used…

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