Conditions Neurofeedback Helps

There are tens of thousands studies and over 3,000 peer reviewed studies that demonstrate just how effective neurofeedback is with a variety of issues and conditions.

ROSEANN CAPANNA-HODGE™ Provides Professional, Research-Based Neurofeedback Treatment* for:

Neurofeedback is a highly effective, research-based tool that can help aid change.*


Neurofeedback treats a variety of conditions in a safe and effective manner because it works at the subconscious level. It creates changes in the brain by creating new electrical activity through a process of measurement and reinforcement.* Quite simply, one is reinforced for changing their brain waves at a subconscious level through the use of computers. The brain learns to self-regulate, which calms the nervous system, reducing or eliminating symptoms. Without self-regulation, many problems of the central nervous system can result – Lack of Focus, Anxiety, Depression and Physical Symptoms, to name a few.*

Neurofeedback is successfully used to treat ADHDanxietyOCDLymePANS/PANDAS, depression and mood issues, stress, emotional distress, behavioral issues,  headaches, concussion, TBI and a variety of other issues. Almost any brain, regardless of its level of function (or dysfunction), can be trained to function better. These changes are lasting. Consistent with the research, more than 90% of our clients report significant improvement!

Are you ready to reduce and reverse your child’s symptoms?

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Research Links:

Here is more research that demonstrates the efficacy of neurofeedback.

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, LLC does not guarantee certain results.

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