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Dr. Roseann was included in the Healthline article, "Understanding Self-Regulation Skills". (more…)

OCD and NeuroFeedback

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In today's perpetually connected world where we are bombarded by constant input from various sources, stress and anxiety are more prevalent than ever before. As adults, multi-tasking is a common…

treating children with prozac for autism

New research demonstrates what we already know… that SSRI medications don’t move the dial for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  (more…)

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Dr. Roseann was included in the CNET article, "How to Take a Mental Health Day from Work". (more…)

It's common in today's world to see teens and adults vaping, which is an increasingly popular alternative to smoking. The latest craze has many forms, including e-cigarettes mimicking the reviled…

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Dr. Roseann was featured on Martha Stewart's article, "Three Reasons Why Arts and Crafts are Important."  and on Yahoo Lifestyle. (more…)

Dealing with Anxiety

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Is It Stress or Anxiety?  Everyone experiences stress or anxiety at some point in their lives. You might be dealing with finances, a job interview, or moving. Your child may…

Dr. Roseann was featured on's article "The Different Parenting Styles and What to Know About Them". (more…)

Dr. Roseann was featured on's article "An Organized Home With Kids Is A Major #Goal, But Are You Focusing Too Much On It? An Expert Explains". (more…)

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What Does It Mean to Have a Child with Autism? Linda ’s intention was to run in and out of the mall to grab a pair of khakis for her…