Behavioral Support, Social Skills Training, Parent Coaching, & Executive Functioning Training

REPS Protocol

With our trademarked, REPS Protocol™, we teach people how to break free from their anxiety, panic, distress, or other uncomfortable emotions and sensations with four steps.

  • Resperate
  • Envision
  • Positivity
  • Stress Management

Executive Functioning Training

All of our therapists are experts in executive functioning, as many of our clients struggle with one or more of its components. Executive functions are central processes that are most intimately involved in giving organization and order to our actions and behavior. They are the control center of the brain that allows us to do more complex cognitive functions. In other words, it is the job manager of the brain and involved in all of our cognitive processes. Executive functions involve planning for the future and strategic thinking, the ability to inhibit or delay responding, self-regulation, initiating a behavior, and shifting between activities flexibly. When kids have issues with executive functioning, any task that requires planning, organization, memory, time management and flexible thinking becomes a challenge. We support children and young adults with the direct skill set teaching and therapeutic executive function coaching and use the latest neuroscience research to show you and your child to get their brain to alert differently so they can have good executive functioning.*

Live far away? Don't worry! We coach parents, kids, and teens via remote video sessions. Contact us today to change the trajectory of your child’s life!* Helping your child to alert differently and gain executive functioning skills gives them the tools to get assignments done and organize on their own without nagging! Wouldn’t it be nice to talk about fun stuff with your kid without them needing constant reminders? Well, we use what we know about the BRAIN and give YOU all the support you need to turn things around! 

“I had been struggling with my son's behavior since he was a baby and I had been to a variety of experts. Dr. Roseann and her team observed him at school and home and figured out what was going on and what to do about it. They supported my husband and myself, as well as his teacher and the progress that he has made and continues to make can't be expressed in words. I tell everyone that will listen, ‘Go to the best – Dr. Roseann & Associates!'”*

Social Skills Therapy

Developmental lags can occur in all areas, including in social thinking and all aspects of social functioning and pragmatics.  Some children have clinical issues that interfere with their ability to relate to others or control impulses with peers. We support children, adolescents, and college-aged individuals who need direct instruction in the social realm. Skills can be learned with direct guidance and support from one of our highly trained and skilled therapists in a one-to-one session or group setting.

Parent Coaching & Behavioral Support

Sometimes children can present with challenging behaviors that can be overwhelming for parents to manage on their own. Instead of blaming parents, we support and guide them to be empowered parents. Many behaviors can be effectively addressed with a variety of therapeutic and parenting techniques. We provide office, home, remote video sessions, school-based behavioral support through our therapists and on staff behaviorist. We put into action customized plans and support parents and children with psycho-education, direct therapy and coaching.* Parents need psychoeducation coupled with therapeutic coaching and a not judgment environment; our team are experts at supporting families and school personnel. Contact us TODAY so you can learn the tools to help your child or teen get focused, feel good about themselves, have good communication skills, and be liked by others.*

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge & Associates does not guarantee certain results.

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