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17 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Quarantine

Mother’s day is almost here and we need to celebrate mom more than ever! Mom is working from home, a full-time chef and housekeeper, disciplinarian, and school teacher all with her gray showing, and those gel manicures long gone. She is working her tail off and mom deserves extra TLC this year. Well, we have 17 Mother’s Day celebration ideas during quarantine that will leave mom feeling appreciated and cared for.

Breakfast in Bed


Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed?!  What a wonderful way to celebrate mom with some homemade pancakes, fruit salad, and a cup of coffee. Make it extra special with some picked flowers, cinnamon-dusted on top, and a special note.

Create a “Best Mom Ever” Window Sign


Let everyone know that your mother is tops! Get crafty with your art supplies and make your mom a stunning sign that will let her know she is the best of them all. Try hanging it on your door so she sees it as she walks through!

Make a TikTok Video


Put on your dancing shoes and get filming! Tik Tok is an easy-to-use app that allows you and your family to create your own amazing choreography, singing, or downright fun videos. You can even join in on those Tick Tok challenges. For extra creativity, create a special song to really make her day!

Create a Slide Picture Show


We all love those moments where we can look back at family photos, especially the mothers! Shuffle through those dusty photo albums and find some silly, memorable, and heartfelt pictures and compile them into a picture show for your special mom. Be sure to bring some tissues as there may be tearing up involved!

Make a Collage


Already have digital pictures of your family’s wild adventures? Try using the Picasso app and the layer mask on other photo editors to make a fun collage! Show Mom how much you love her picture by picture.

Do Something Crafty


There are so many different and fun crafts that a child can do for and with Mom. You can make a handprint bouquet of flowers with fingerpaint, or jewelry made from dry pasta. Look to the internet for other great ideas and get that creativity flowing!

Frame a Family Photo


Have the perfect picture for Mom? Try making a frame for it! Get creative with popsicle sticks, straws, twigs, or any other materials you can get a hold of. If you already have a frame, add some pizazz by adding glitter, help your child hot-glue buttons on it, add stickers or anything else you think she will find super special!

Have a Spa Day at Home


Who doesn’t enjoy a nice relaxing day at the spa? Treat Mom to a cozy spa day in, equipped with shoulder rubs, mud masks, peace and quiet, and all the cucumbers you can eat! Have the kids help with setting up and pampering her too!

Make a Fancy Dinner


Put on that apron and get cooking! Cook your mom her favorite dinner dish, or perhaps your favorite dish she spends so much time cooking for you and the family! Kids can help with gathering food from the fridge and pantry, taste-testing, and mixing ingredients in the bowl. For extra “wow-factor” have your family dress up for the ultimate fine-dining experience!

Have a Family Movie Night


Pop some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch! Have an old-fashioned movie night for Mom. Pick out her all-time favorite film and enjoy it with her on her special day!

Do a Puzzle Together and Frame It After


Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Pull out one of those old puzzles you never finished and do it together with Mom! This will give you and your family a great quality time activity, and let her know that she is an important part of the family!

Sign Up for a Virtual Workout Together


Put on those sweatbands and get moving! There are many virtual workout classes online you can pay by using USDT wallet that the entire family can do together from dancing to aerobics to yoga. Get those endorphins flowing and put your special mother in a great mood while burning some calories!

Give Her a Home Mani-Pedi


What mother doesn’t love a nice mani-pedi? Grab her favorite nail polish and have your kids help paint her nails and toes! It is a great creative activity for kids, and Mom will love showing off her nails afterward!

Jazz Up Her Home Office


As all mothers know, balancing many tasks and roles at once can be draining and overwhelming. Why not show her how much you appreciate her by tidying up her home office or other rooms? Try adding some homemade drawings from the kids on the walls to let her know she is truly loved.

Make a Chore Coupon Book


Create a book of coupons that frees Mom of chores that she usually does. Get the kids involved in washing dishes, laundry, and vacuuming the floors to give her a much-needed break! She will appreciate the time off and the willingness to help!

Set up a Dinner Theatre


“To be, or not to be!” Put on a fun show for Mom during a delicious dinner! You can get creative with costumes, puppets, music, or all-right silliness! Make her laugh with cued laughter and applause!

Give Mom & Dad a Date Night


Set up a special date-night-in for Mom and Dad. Help your mom pick out a lovely dress or outfit that she feels beautiful in. Help cook a nice dinner that your mother loves to eat, and for extra fun, wait on them with drinks and pepper on hand! 

Give her a Classic Gift


Nothing beats an old classic, right? Every mother loves a nice gift of flowers and chocolate! Show your special mom that she is loved with a little dark chocolate and a special note or poem.

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